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CTSI Logistics Taiwan commenced operations in 1999, and has since evolved to become the company’s most progressive business station that has steadily shown consistent growth and improvement.

Its springboard to local logistics industry was brought about by its partnership with Winmax Maritime Corporation, a subsidiary of Chia Hsin Cement Group (CHC).
CTSI Logistics Taiwan is known to customers for its freight forwarding expertise and excellent customer service. With an ISO 9001:2000 certification under its belt, its customer partners are guaranteed of products and services that meet high quality standards. This commitment to excellence is translated by the team’s efforts to leverage their services to keep ahead of the competition.

Its success to date is testimony to CTSI Logistics’ strong network of operational support, which is composed of a total of 24 stations spread in 12 countries worldwide. With this network of expertise and resources, CTSI Logistics meets customers’ specific logistics needs through strategic integration and seamless information flow across the supply chain process.

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