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CARGOCARE offers the most cost-effective Taiwan freight forwarder services from Taiwan to destinations throughout Europe.

It maybe Michel Blanc’s adaptability that has enabled him to thrive in Taiwan’s fast paced business culture. In fact, when Michel arrived in Taipei back in 1989, he had no intention of staying. As an employee of Cargocare, a Swiss freight forwarding company, he meant to set up a Taipei branch office, spend a couple of months training the new employees, and head back to Switzerland. But as has often happened in Michel’s life, events didn’t follow the plan.

In 1992 Michel took over the Taiwan branch from the Swiss parent company and got the company off the ground by making deals with local bicycle manufacturers. Taiwan’s bicycle makers were growing quickly on the back of the mountain-biking boom and Cargocare grew with them. It was Michel’s European connections that provided Cargocare an edge over local rivals vying for export business to Europe.

Today Cargocare is a US$20 million-a year business, shipping more than 1,000 teu (equivalent to 20’ containers) a month to Europe, and over 30 tons a month by airfreight to global destinations. It also has branch offices in Taichung and Kaohsiung to enable closer relations to customers and port-operations. But Michel’s proudest achievement is to have built a company that feeds 50 colleagues and their families!
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